Sport Fitness Training

Sport fitness training helps you to become the best female athlete at the sport you love! We all have a sport or activity that we want to be better at, whether its a college sport we are striving to go pro in or getting better at being a dancer, runner or soccer player.

There are sport-specific fitness training plans that have added benefits over just general 'workouts'.

When you have a sport fitness training plan that is looking at getting you in the best shape to perform your particular sport, it looks at the movements you will be doing over and over, what muscle groups and joints will be involved in them, what kinds of things your bod needs to be good at such as power, endurance or speed.

In looking at starting a routine and plan that will help increase and enhance your performance, start by identifying your strengths for your specific sport as well as what weaknesses you have that need improvement for your sport.

Some of the questions to ask are: Are you strong enough? Does the sport require power strength? Muscular endurance? Great flexibility? Do you need speed? Or to be able to endure, like in a marathon?

Training for a sport should be planned in phases something like this:

1. General body conditioning

2. General strength, endurance, flexibility/mobility and technique

3. Specific strength, endurance, flexibility/mobility and technique

4. Speed

If you fail to plan the training (and fail to follow) you set yourself up for injuries. Injuries happen in sport because of the repetitive use of certain muscle groups and using certain movements over and over.

Cross training is helpful because you get to develop other areas of your body, other muscle groups and movements to help balance your muscular development as well as the uses of the body.

Other things to consider when performing in a sport:



Psychology (mental atitude)



A personal or sport trainer will best help you to develop a fitness training plan specific to your sport. They will help you to look at potential areas of injury for your sport and implement injury-prevention training into your plan.

A professional trainer will help break down movement patterns in your sport, rest periods, muscular power needed, endurance requirements and muscle reaction needs.

Developing athleticism is essential to going from good to great in your chosen sport, whether you play recreationally or professionally.

This includes fine tuning all of the things that will help you as a woman to have that athlete’s edge: having strength, power, flexibility, coordination, agility and ability to react.

These are the characteristics you want to have to help you to throw farther, run faster, jump higher, and kick and hit harder.

Here are some fitness training plans to start with for the following sports:















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