Read Fitness Articles for Information and Motivation!

Fitness Articles provide more than just information on how to get fit; you can get motivation and inspiration as well!

Fitness training article (s) provide up-to-date information on new findings in the world of women's fitness as well as health updates from doctors and scientists. 

There are quite a few really good fitness magazines for women including Shape and Oxygen (one of my favorites!).

You can read lots of fitness articles that talk about women who have overcome challenges to find their fittest selves, lose weight against lots of odds like busy lives and taking care of children as well as finding new healthy recipes and new exercises to try.

I have learned a lot from fitness magazines and books such as Fit or Fat and Oprah's weight loss journey with her trainer Bob Greene. 

You can also find a lot of information online, such as on this site. There are other sites that have lots of good information, workouts to try, fitness training articles for women as well as lots of great pictures and photo shoots of fitness models that you can aspire to as a goal. 

Some of the things you can learn from reading are:

- secrets to getting a six-pack of abs

- ways to work in exercise even in a busy, busy schedule

- ways to increase motivation to work out

- ways to eat a cleaner diet

- tips on using your gym membership effectively

- how to start an exercise program

- how to involve your family in your fitness routine

- how to chart your progress 

- how to keep a food diary 

-where to find a good online fitness journal

Learning to exercise, eat clean, lift weights and look like a fitness model is not as hard as you think; it just takes determination, drive and discipline. There are sacrifices and hard work to be done to reach any goal worth reaching, even a great body! 

Also, I am adding a little list of my favorite fitness training for women books below...when I didn't have a computer, I used the local library and book stores to learn a lot of my fitness info...and I am continuing to learn and adapt as we find out more about our bodies. Enjoy!

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