Fitness Calculators

There are quite a few different fitness calculators online or in app form 

that are designed to help you determine things such as:

- How many calories to consume to lose weight

- How much of you is fat and how much is lean tissue (BMI)

- How much protein you need in a day

- What your ideal weight is

There are quite a few free apps available to that can help you with tracking your daily food intake, workouts, provide you with free workout to do and much more. 

Hot5 is a free iOS app that come with tons of 5 minute workouts including yoga, flexibility, abs and more.

Here is a list of apps that are all very and try and see if they work for you:


Daily Workouts


Calorie Counter by Fat Secret

LoseIt! by FitNow 

Diet Point Weight Loss

Try some of the free calculators I have included below!

Have you ever wondered how many calories you are burning when you do a particular exercise? Now you can find out with the calculator below. Enter the name of the activity or sport (ex: running, dancing, baseball, skiing, et cetera); then enter the time you will or have spent doing this exercise or sport (enter in munites or hours) and also your weight and gender. 

THIS (below) is an AWESOME gives you your BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate) and the estimated number of calories you need each day for (1) maintenance, (2) fat loss and (3) extreme fat loss. I love it!

It also gives you your BMI (Body Mass Index) and lets you know where you fall (normal, good, et cetera) as well as what you should be doing about it.

This tool also gives you your range for your IBW (Ideal Body Weight) based on several commonly used formulas. Excellent to try.

This fitness calculator will give you the number of calories that you will burn in a sport or exercise activity in kg. 

I love, love, love this little protein counter! If you enter the needed information (weight, activity level- even this give little description after you enter it, duration of activity and either strength or cardio, this handy guy will give you some answers: (1) how many grams of protein you need for that day, and also what to eat to get that amount of protein. 

Fitness Calculators > Fitness Training for Women

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