Abs - We All Want Ours
to Show!

Abs...we all want them! But we want them flat, toned, where the muscles have definition and sexy! 

How to get them? It's not a matter of endless sit-ups every day or starving on carrots and celery either. There are a few tricks to the trade when it comes to a flat, muscled, sexy core area on us girls.

1. 80% of how our midsection looks is dependent upon what we put in our mouths. Mindless munching and senseless trips to the fridge to take another bite out of that chocolate cake are not going to cut it. 

It takes eating clean - and that means discipline. Planning your meals, making healthy food and snack options readily available, making better choices when eating out - all of this adds up! Eating clean meals like chicken breasts and broccoli with brown rice or breakfasts like oatmeal and protein powder will aid in fast fat loss

2. Cardio. Doing cardio is of extreme importance here because it will help you cut down on fat overall. There is no just cutting out fat in the belly area - although there are things that you can cut out - like caffeine and stressing too much - that will help cut down on belly fat. 

There is a certain way you want to approach incorporating cardio as well. You don't want to go full force, 60 minute sessions 6 days a week. You may want to have that as a goal, but it is much better to let you body adapt to these new demands and new states of homeotasis by starting out with 3 20 minute sessions a week with a fast paced walk or slow jog or easy cycle pace. 

The next week bump it up to 3 25 minute sessions. Then 3 30 minute sessions. Keep bumping up in 5 minute increments then add another day and slowly increase intensity. This way the fat burning happens over a longer period of time and your body will be challenged longer. 

3. Strength training or bodybuilding. Building muscle is important because it changes your overall metabolism. There is no FASTER way to start the fat-burning machine in you than to lift weights or strength train. Don't worry about bulking up either, you won't. In order to look like a gladiator chick you will have to do more than lift metal bars and plates.

4. Focus on building your core. Your core is made up of your back and abdominal muscles. There are quite a few exercises that you can do to build this area such as planks, crunches, reveres crunches, mountain climbers and using the Roman chair or a pull up bar to perform a crunch. 

More tips to getting that six-pack FASTER!

- Eat protein early in the day. Boiled eggs, egg-white scrambles, protein shakes. You will eat less and feel fuller longer.

- Drinks lots of water - make water your drink of choice. You can add slices of lemon, oranges, strawberries and cucumbers to make a tasty drink or slices of apples and cinnamon sticks in your pitcher of water for a nice spice to plain water.

- Eat brown rice and whole wheat products in place of white bread or tortillas.

- Cut out processed and salty, sugary, fatty foods. These will all add unneeded calories and fat to your body as well as cause bloating and digestive problems. Not good if you are wanting a flat stomach!

- Eat at least 6 times a day, preferrably mini-meals so you will feel satisfied and be less inclined to eat crappy foods. 

- Keep your workouts varied so your muscles are constantly surprised and have to work harder making the most out of your workouts.

- Strength train every other day to give your body time to rest and heal; don't over-do it and get burned out!

I've included some videos below of exercises to build and strengthen your core and your beautiful muscles will be showing as the fat comes off!

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