Weight Management

Whether you are looking to lose, gain or maintain your weight, weight management needs to include healthy habits including fitness training. 

To drop some pounds, you need to either burn more calories or eat less calories. To make real changes, it is best to do both. A balanced, healthy approach to getting rid of the excess weight includes:

- A realistic goal

- A nutritionally balanced diet

- Lowered calories by replacing high-calorie/low-nutritional value foods with raw, whole and unprocessed foods 

- Regular fitness training program

Think: life-time or life-long changes. You want to be able to get it off and keep it off and remain healthy. 

A good place to start is to have your BMI measurement taken or body fat percentage taken.

You can do this with an online calculator or in person at a gym or health center. You can also do it yourself with a

skin fold caliper

It is also a good idea to get clearance with your physician and discuss how much weight to lose. He or she can help you set a weight loss goal or you can talk with a personal fitness trainer about setting a goal as well. 

Track what you eat and the calories you take in with an free app like MyFitnessPal that will allow you to set a calorie goal and it counts up the caloric value of what you eat as you enter it. It is a great tool adn helps to keep you accountable and stick to your goals.

More tips: 

- Weigh yourself regularly

- Keep track of your goals and progress in a fitness training journal

- Eat breakfast - don't skip it!

- If you have to dine on fast food - which we all do sometimes - opt for the healthier and lighter versions of burgers like a salad, fruit and yogurt cup, bottled water, grilled chicken sandwiches, salads or wraps. 

- If dining out at a restaurant, order from the 'lighter fare' portion of menu or split a plate with someone; ask for your meat to be grilled and no butter to be used

- Start substituting high-fat, high-salt and high-sugar ingredients with lighter versions like olive oil in place of butter, 2% milk in place of whole milk, Splenda or honey in place of sugar, whole wheat products for white flour products.

- Create habits like an exercise routine or favorite place to run or walk, setting your gym shoes and clothes by your bedside the night before

- Motivate yourself with a poster or magazine picture of your favorite fitness model or another woman who is featured that has overcome obstacles on her weight loss journey. 

Calculate your BMI below:

Weight Management > Weight Loss

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