Weight Loss Pills -
Do They Work?

There are two types of weight loss pills - prescription and over-the-counter. Both have been designed to be used in conjunction with a diet and exercise plan because the capsule or tablet itself cannot do the job alone.

What do these do, exactly? Because obesity or those severely overweight need a long-term plan to get and keep the excess weight off, these drugs can help with suppressing the appetite, give a feeling of fullness, stop fat absorption by the body, or increases metabolism.

There are serious side-effects to using some of these prescribed drugs so if you are considering them, talk to a physician. Most of these are used on a short-term basis. 

There are also OTC drugs available that do some of the same things.

Appetite Suppressants

Appetite suppressants help you to lose weight by causing you to feel full and makes food kind of tasteless and unappealing as well as increasing calorie burning. These drugs increase the amounts of the chemicals in our bodies that make us feel good and full. 

Fat Absorption Inhibitor

Fat absorption inhibitors work by stopping your body from breaking down and absorbing fats that you have eaten. They leave the body via your bowel movements. 

Miracles drugs...or potions, creams and sprinkles...

There has been quite a bit of hype around products like the sprinkles you put on any food and a promise to lose weight; creams that slim you are wearing patches that make you skinny in a few weeks. Big money is being paid out by these companies on false claims, because that's what they are, false claims. 

Don't be fooled into thinking you do not have to eat healthy or exercise and you can still lose weight. Apart from having the fat sucked off of your body through liposuction, you still have to follow the rules to good health: put good healthy things in your mouth that are going to actually feed your body and MOVE your body; whether it is through bouncing up and down on a trampoline (an excellent exercise by the way!) or running a marathon, you have to move to get your body to change its composition. 

Here are the top rated weight loss pills:

#1. Abidexin

Abidexin has been a top-rated diet aid for almost a decade and is made of all-natural ingredients. It suppresses your appetite, gives you energy and increases your metabolism rate. This one gives you energy without the jitters according to user reviews on Amazon and Consumer Price Watch.

#2. Fenfedra

Fenfedra is a powerful weight loss drug that has been very controversial. There are two chemical processes this drug does and together they help to burn fat. There are a lot of rumors surrounding this drug! Do your research before taking it. 

#3. OxySelect Pink

OxySelect Pink is designed to help burn fat, enhance your breasts, fight acne, lose weight and increase your libido. Yay! I might try this one!

#4. Lipoclen

Lipoclen is a pretty safe way to help with your weight loss efforts because it is designed to detoxify the body. It has detoxifying agents as well as weight loss ingredients in it. Users have reported losing anywhere from 7 - 20 pounds per bottle. 

#5. Ambislim

This is one diet weight loss pill that helps you sleep while it works! It is a scientific fact that your weight management is directly related to how much good sleep you get. It is made up of natural herbal sleep aids as well as fat burners to keep your metabolism going while you sleep. Good combo!

#6. CliniSlim

CiniSlim has also been around for a decade as well and is still going strong and has a very high rate of success with users. Do not use if you are sensitive to caffeine. By the way, caffeine has been shown to be one of the best ways to vamp up your body's fat burning fires. 


This diet aid blocks fat AND suppresses your appetite, a powerful combination. With the fiber content in this capsule, it helps to improve your digestive system and allows you to 'cheat' on your diet - in other words, eat a little more or eat some of your fatty/salty favorites.

Again, with the use of any drug that has these type of ingredients and effects, you must keep to a healthy diet and some type of exercise plan. There is no magic potion or pill that will do all of the work for you. But these will definitely help and have proven track records!

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