Walking Plans for Women's Fitness Training 

Incorporate walking plans into your fitness training routine for your cardio, recovery and weight loss. Most women love walking, to get some fresh air, to start strengthening their bodies, to walk the dog or to hang out with girlfriends.

But walking for exercise and fitness is an ideal way to start moving - especially if you have been sedentary for a while. 

Walking is also a great way to recover from a heavy muscle-building session such as bodybuilding. 

What do I need to start walking?

- a good, stable, comfortable fitting pair of walking shoes 

- comfortable clothes made out of breathable fabrics like cotton or the newer sweat-wicking, drying-type of sport fabrics

- be hydrated with water before the walk

- dress weather-appropriate

- wear a sport watch or timer

- a safe walking trail or gym with a treadmill

- if you are walking alone, take a Jogger Fogger or some other type of pepper spray for protection

- walk with a relaxed upper body and heel-to-toe motion with your feet

How do I plan a walking routine?

First, decide if you are a beginner, intermediate or power-walker. If you are just starting out, then use the following guide to plan your routine:

-Walk 5 consecutive days out of the week, 2 days off

- Start out walking only 20 minutes per day

- Add 5 minutes more per day each week. For example, the first week, walk 20 minutes per day, 5 days that week. The following week, walk 25 minutes per day, 5 days that week. The next week you will walk 30 minutes per day and so on. 

If you find that 20 minutes per day feels way too easy to start with, then start at 30 minutes a day. 


When you are up to walking 45-50 minutes a day, start increasing your intensity. 

Alternate 5 minutes of moderate intensity walking with 1 minute of power walking.

Power walking is when you are walking like you are late to an appointment, almost on the verge of a jog. 

Keep adding a minute to your power walking intervals until you are doing 5 minutes regular/moderate intensity walking and 5 minutes of power walking. Work from 20 minutes up to 60 minute sessions, longer if you want. 

Power/Intense Walking

Power walking is when your entire session is walking with a higher intensity like you are almost going to break into a jog. You are actually moving probably a little faster than you would if you were jogging. 

The secret to this walking plan is to walk a little faster than you would if you were strolling and put a more athletic pace into it. 

Use your upper body as well to help propel yourself forward in your walk. Your arms won't be hanging at your sides while doing this!

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