Cellulite - How to get rid of it!

Cellulite is a problem for many of us women and how to effectively rid ourselves of it is a big question we want answered! One this fitness training for women site I thought this would be a good and popular topic to address since it plagues even the thinnest of us. Jiggles anyone?

There have been a million and one solutions presented to us over the years...scrubbing coffee grounds all over us, paying hard earned money for expensive promising creams, doing hour-long bouts of cardio, taking 'miracle' pills, downing fat burners...the list goes on and on.

This condition is recognized by the dimpled 'cottage cheese' appearance of our butts and thighs (or other areas as well) caused by the fat under our skin and the connective tissues underneath. 

There are a few things that contribute to this 'orange-peel' appearance on our skin:

- Our genetics

- Hormones

- Consuming the wrong foods

- Not exercising

- High stress

There are some natural solutions that are available as well as more expensive solutions like laser or liposuction. I prefer to stick with natural do-it-yourself solutions because they are generally healthier and less hard on the pocketbook and sometimes just as effective as the expensive treatments and routines. 

Erica Nguyen has come up with some pretty effective ways to treat your own skin and body for cellulite issues and for a really low price. The before and after photos and testimonies as well as her guarantee speak for themselves. 

Some of her strategies include:

- Doing specific targeted exercises that take just minutes to do 

- Eating specific foods that help your body process away the fat in these areas

- Stopping hormonal problems that cause bigger buildups 

- Using natural products that outperform expensive creams

- Doing a method to thicken and repair the skin in these areas 

Doing just any exercise and eating just anything can worsen the problem even as you are getting fitter. Because this is a specific area problem, and it is caused by things like hormonal imbalances, using her strategies can target this problem

You can read more about these natural cellulite treatments. This is not a weight loss program or rigorous exercise and fitness training program although doing cardio, strength training and eating clean all contribute to increased blood flow, healing and new growth for your skin as well as helping with reducing stress and normalizing hormonal imbalances. 

But if you are consuming lots of foods that are contributing to this problem, like soy that acts like estrogen in the body, then your 'healthy' diet may be sabotaging your 'look-good' efforts.

Check out more of Erica's program here

Some other remedies and treatments to try are:

- Dry brushing. Use a vegetable fiber brush and brush your skin while it is dry in strokes towards your heart

- Eat gelatin which promotes skin, hair and nail growth (try gelatin powder mixed in a drink)

- Coffee ground with sugar scrub to increase surface skin circulation

- Moisturize with natural products like coconut oil

- Strength training with weights 

- Cardio for circulation 

These are just a few suggestions to finding what works for you. Take your own before and after photos of your backside (where most cellulite occurs) to see what is working. 

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